Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 sessions are lifestyle-documentary sessions which typically take place in the birthing place, whether it be the hospital, birthing center, or home. These sessions take place within 48 hours of your baby’s birth. These sessions will capture the real and raw moments between baby, mom, dad, and any immediate family that comes to meet the baby. This session will help you to remember those fleeing moments long after those blurry first days. I will be there to capture the tiny details after birth. Tiny fingers, and toes, little yawns, first diaper changes, cuddles and feedings with mama, meeting older siblings or grandparents, and all the unique moments of the day. These are moments that you will want to remember forever and these photos will allow you to do just that! During our session I will be there to capture your family in a candid manner, and provide you with a genuine glimpse into your family as seen through my lens. The session will be 60-90 minutes and include a mix of soft color images and black and white images. I will utilize natural and available lighting in the room. For this reason, it is best to schedule this session during daylight hours. I do not bring props but if there is something you know you would like to incorporate into the session, please be sure you pack it in your birthing bag with all your other important things!