Day in the Life – Lifestyle Documentary (Full Day)

Create a diary of your family with 100 percent photo journalistic coverage of your family. This is a session that captures moments that are true to your life. During a day in the life session I will be taking photos that tell a special story- Your love story, your family story, a completely unique story- your story. Typically this session will take place in your home. Prior to the session I will send you a detailed questionnaire so that I have the opportunity to learn all about your family, and you will have the opportunity to share with me about the moments that are most important to you that you would like to have me capture. During our session you will participate in the activities that you find most important and I will capture them as you live in that moment. I will be capturing candid moments of your family interacting, whether it be the kids playing, your toddler pulling the dog’s tail, your sleepy baby running his chunky fingers through your hair as you rock him to sleep, these are the important moments that I will be able to beautifully and artistically capture for you. These sessions will give you a completely priceless and unique experience, and photos that you will never get bored looking back at. These sessions are relaxed, no need for planning outfits, worrying about the perfect lighting, bribing the kids, or being forced to pose. You will adore the photos of your family as it is- silly, messy, happy, goofy, frustrating, loving, and especially if kids are involved a million other things! If you are a family member of a family who would love a session like this, I also offer gift certificates so you can gift them with this amazing treasure.